Hello Friends,

We have started this wiki so that our users can have a place to collaborate and share ideas. Specifically:
  1. We want you to add any lessons that you use or have used with your students.
  2. Leave feedback on how you have used TRAILS and what the results were with your students.
  3. Add suggestions for how to use TRAILS best.

We ask that when you make additions to this wiki that you give yourself some credit for the submission. It would be great if you would include your name, job title, and what school/library you work at. (Ex. Jane Doe, School Librarian at Parkside Elementary in Dallas, Texas.)

Some of you may know that we once had a wiki that was created by Shannon (Hosier) Mersand a few years ago. That wiki can still be found at http://ilfortrails9.wikispaces.com/ . We appreciate her hard work for and commitment to TRAILS.

Wiki Table of Contents

  1. Home Page
  2. Getting Started With TRAILS
  3. Helpful Tips When Using TRAILS
  4. Lesson Plans
  5. Feedback on TRAILS
  6. Helpful Resources for Educators
  7. TRAILS Scholarly Publications


Barbara F. Schloman, Ph.D., TRAILS Project Director; Associate Dean, Kent State University Libraries
Kenneth J. Burhanna, M.L.S., Head of Library Instruction, Kent State University Libraries
Vanessa Earp, M.L.S., M.S., Librarian for Education, Kent State University Libraries
Meghan Harper, Ph.D., Associate Professor; Coordinator, School Library Program; School of Library & Information Science, Kent State University
Tammy Eschedor Voelker, M.L.S., Reference & Instruction Librarian, Kent State University Libraries
Joseph A. Salem, Jr., Ph.D., TRAILS Statistical Consultant; Associate Dean for Learning, Undergraduate Services and Commonwealth Campus Libraries, The Pennsylvania State University
Jennifer Schwelik, M. Ed., Project Manager
David L. Bird, Software Engineer